Single Station Jiggering Machine

This machine is suitable for giving final inner shape of disk insulator type by the help of a rotating dye fitted with the spindle of the machine, which rotates giving up and down motion by the help of a cam fitted inside the body of the machine. The driving mechanism of the machine consisting of two geared motor and one gear box. Stroke/min-3, length of stroke-200 mm, max dia of mould that can rest on table-450 mm.

Jiggering Machine

This self motorized jiggering machine can make many types of insulators. This machine is also suitable for table ware industry

Jiggering Machine with Rotary Table

The process followed by this machine:- Shaped clay blank Kept in the plaster mould are loaded on the machine. Now the table starts moving (our table is 4 station type). There are two spindles rotating fitted with die. As soon as the mould with clay blank reaches just below the pre-shaping die table stops and pre-shaping die comes dowm and shapes the blank as per the pre-shaping die. Again the table starts rotating and stops just below the finishing die, then rotating die will come down and will give the inner shape of the insulator. Then the table rotates and stops. The operator will unload the mould with finished insulator and on the other side other operator will load the plaster mould with shaped clay blank. This process continues. The production of this machine is 3 nos. per minute.

Mechanical Press

GMAP is making two types of presses suitable for pressing shaped clay blank for keeping into plaster mould. This machine is used before giving preshaping or final shaping of disc type insulator. We are making two types of these machine model MP-1 and MP-2, stroke length 203-406 mm, stroke/min-19/20-19/20, Ram adjustment 100-100. Distance between column face and vertical axis of bumping mask 305-508 mm.

Copying Machine Model III

This copying model III is suitable for giving outer shape of clay blank of 1 meter long and 400 mm diameter. Inside the casting body of the machine, drive arrangement is their fitted with motor and gear box.

Standard Making Machine

Standard making machine is suitable for giving inner shape of 11 KV Pin, Post, Bushing or similar type of Insulators.

Spindle Press

This machine is used for making hole in bushing type insulator. The machine is of two models. One for making hole directly in clay lump without any rotation of the hole making tool and other is made with arrangement for counter boring by means of rotation in the tool either in wet clay or leather hard or bone dry stage. The main spindle moves vertically along with the controlled distance as and when required by means of push button switch. Max dia of clay blank-400 mm, Max length of clay blank-800 mm.

Copying Machine Model V

Model V copying machine is suitable for clay blank with admit between centre 2000 mm long and 500 mm diameter. For holding clay blank hydralic device is there fitted with the tail stock of the machine. The upward and downward movement of tail stock can be controlled by the help of geared motor fitted with the machine which can be locked at any desired postion. Dynaspeed motor is driving the main chuck to achieve infinite variable motion of the chuck with clay blank. Manually operated smooth tool carriage is there which is capable of giving both vertical and horizontal motion of the knife which gives outer shape of the insulator as per template.

Copying-Boring Machine

Copying-Boring Machine is suitable for 2000 mm long and 600 mm dia clay blank. Minimum 130 mm and maximum 280 mm bore can be done. Tapper and radius bore can also be done by the help of template fitted at the top of the machine. The boring arrangement of this machine is from the top. We also make Copying-Boring Machine suitable for 1 meter long X 400 mm dia and 1.5 meter long x 500 mm dia clay blank.

Standard Copying Machine

Standard copying machine is suitable for giving outer shape of 11 KV pin, Post, Bushing similar type of insulators.By the help of this machine we can give the outer shape of other small insulator by using suitable tools and profiles.

Heavy Hydraulic Operated Single Station Jiggering Machine for Heavy Type Dics Insulators

Structure of the machine will be fabricated from Steel Plate. Heavy type 2 nos. EN-24, chromium plated, grinding finished ram is fitted with 4 nos. linear Bearing (SKF MAKE) for movement of carriage including holding arrangement for mould complete with 10 H.P. Geared motor (Power Build Make). RPM of the die is 10-100 (Infinite variable arragement with A.C. Drive Voltage Frequency System, YASKAWA/L&T MAKE). The machine will be complete with Hydralic arrangement, power pack (with 10 H.P. 1440 RPM Motor) & Electric Control Panel Board with necessary timer, gadgets etc.