Mangle Drier

The Mangle Drier is suitable for drying disc Insulators placed on moulds upto a maximum temperature from 45 degree centigrade minimum to to maximum of 70 degree centigrade.

Steering Drying Car

Trollies are used in ceramic factories for handling as well as natural drying the ceramic articles. GMAP designed sophicated trolley which is called Steering Drying Car has a better,easy operated directional steering which can bear heavy load and pull as well. By testing it has been proved that it is strong enough to bear even 800 kg. load. The rail cum floor type wheels are provided so that it can move on thr floor and narrow jauge rail. Hence those who are having tunnel type dryer they can simply push the car in the tunnel drier with loaded decks. The wheels have been rubberised in such a way that the car, when operated on floor, can withstand temperature upto 140 degree centigrade and when put on rail the rubberised portion remains free while the metal portion comes in contact with rail. The additional advantage of car is to minimise the accommodation problem as the car is having provision for 5 Nos. to 6 Nos. deck to be easily fitted with planks or other substance upon which the articles are placed for the purpose of drying which resembles to a mobile room in the factory.


The car is made with mild steel (IS 226) angle and channel of broad section. The axles are made of steel fitted with 8 Nos. ball bearing which help to move the car freely.
The wheels are made of well proportioned cast iron and it is properly rubberised under the catching of dovetail groves which ensures and strengthen hold of rubber on the wheel.
A good steering with handle is provided to turn the car on 180 degree angle very smoothly.