Pneumatic Capping Machine

This machine is designed for cementing caps on disc insulator at a faster rate, in which centrality of cap with disc is always maintained which is not possible by manual process. Applying moist cement inside metal caps mechanical device holds the cap and then by pneumatic upward movement disc comes in just pressing contact with cap and gets connected in a preset duration, which is controlled by a electrically operated timer. There are two Pneumatic cylinders in the machine (air pressure required - Max 10 K.G per centimeter square)with neccessary valves and electricals.

Vibrating Table

This machine is suitable for cementing ball pin in the Disc Insulator. Arrangements are there for cementing Ball Pin with 6 nos. Disc type insulator at a time. The spring fitted Table give vibration by the help of a 1 H.P. 2880 R.P.M motor with eccentric load.