Piolot Plant & Testing

Voltage Testing Conveyor

This MACHINE has been specially designed for Voltage Testing of High Tension Porcelain Insulators.

It is a continuous rotating mechanical device having 16/25 nos self-rotating sticks made of M.S.Pipe, mounted on a rotary table, 2400 mm dia and is driven by Motor and Compound Gear Box.

The base frame of the machine is octagonal in shape and is made of sectional mild steel channel. The rotary Table is mounted on the base frame with a robust flange type boss fitted with two nos. heavy duty tapered roller bearings to enable the table to rotate freely.

The upper end part of the stick is covered with the Backelite pipe and M.S. cap with copper chain, which is fitted at the top of the pipe.

Tensile Strength Testing Machine

This machine is suitable for Tensile Strength Testing of 8 nos. Disc insulators, with metal fittings at a time, complete with power operated Hydraulic unit, Max. 10 tones capacity. The chassis of the machine is fabricated from suitable channel and M.S.Plate. On the end side of the chassis fixed type tailstock is fitted with suitable clamp holding arrangement to hold Ball Pin, of the Disc Insulator. And with this disc one after another Disc will be connected on Wooden Table of the machine, and the last disc will be connected with the holder fitted with piston fitted on the headstock of the machine with Hydraulic Cylinder. On the side of the head stock power pack is situated complete with 1 HP Motor, Starter and Hydraulic equipment including pump for the hydraulic unit.

Hydralic Water Testing Machine

The body of the machine is fabricated from mild steel plate. Maximum 10 ton pressure can be given from Hydraulic Spring loaded Ram fitted with water circulation arrangement. Machine is complete with 3 HP motor, starter and power pack for the hydraulic arrangement.

Impact Testing Machine

Technical Specification : Base : Made of M.S. Angle [2½" x 2 " x 3/16 "].

Spring : Made of [IS 226] ½" dia spring steel wire, so Treated & constructed that a force of 2000 lbs. Will compress the spring 0.25 inches in overall length.

Scale : Brass made scale will be provided

Tubes : ½" dia. half hard 20 gauge seamless tubes.

Body : Made of Steel [ MS-226 ], with copper nose

Other Parts : Made of steel