Slip House

Water Jacketed Ball Mill-With Hood

This is a special type of Ball Mill with Auxillary Drive. This mill is water jacketed with hood suitable for dry grinding. Main drive with 75 H. P. motor, Fluid pulley to input shaft of helical gearbox, then with output shaft of the same gear coupling fitted with driving shaft. Auxillary Drive geared motor Fitted with extended input shaft of the helical gearbox coupled with one way clutch coupling.

Ball Mill-With Auxilliary Drive

In this drive arrangements, two starters are interlocked in such a way that by the help of a timer, after one or two revolution of the mill at slow speed (about 1 R.P.M.), the main motor starts automatically with simultaneous stoppage of auxillary drive. There is provision of starting auxillary drive individually for inching and positioning the mill shell. Generally this drive is used for production capacity of materials of 4 tones and above per charge.

Ball Mill With Simple Drive

Ball Mill drive Motor, fliud coupling, worm reduction gearbox, gear coupling, pinion and girth gear.

Ball Mill With V-Flat Drive

This ball mill with belt reduction and V-Flat drive. Here at the time of final speed reduction belt is working as V-Flat drive. We also make drive with motor, fluid pulley to input shaft of helical gear box, then V pulley, fitted with the another shaft which is coupled with the outer shaft of the gear box fitted with bearings and plummer blocks. Then the same procedure is followed to the shell diameter.


We make blunger suitable for 200 liters to 20,000 liters capacity tank. Blungers are made with SS tank as per the picture. We are also making blunger's fabricated chassis housing fitted with shaft and impeller complete with driving arrangements suitable for concrete tank.

Diaphragm Pump

Our Diaphragm pumps are double acting type. We make two types of double acting pump, one is suitable for working in 12 Kg / Centimeter square pressure and capacity of free displacement is 3800 litres per hour and the other type is suitable for working in 15 / Kg Centimeter square and capacity of free displacement is 7600 litres per hour.

Filter Press

Filter press is designed with best technical know-how for processing of ceramic slip. Our capacity of machnice is from 500 Kg to 5000 Kg of cakes with 20/22% moisture content.

We manufacture both hand operated closing device, controlled by man power and power operating closing device by hydraulic power. We supply machine complete with rubber cord, aluminium perfoarated sheet and filter cloth. Chamber plates of our machine are made from graded cast iron. We make complete chassis of the filter press, motorized hydraulic closing device when party wants to supply chamber plates.

Dia of Cake
No. of Plates
Thickness of cake
Approx capacity
Per Cycle
Inlet pipe Dia
FP   150
650 Kgs.
FP   260
1740 Kgs.
FP 2100
2900 Kgs.
FP 3120
5000 Kgs.

De-airing Pug Mill-PM 1

This Pug Mill can Produce 3 ton clay blank dia of 300 mm with a vacumm reading of 720 mm hg and above. Of course it depends on the height of the place from sea-level, where the pugmill will work.

On the top barrel of our machine two sets of augurs are there and one set in the lower barrel, augurs are made from Steel Casting/ Stainless Steel material. This pugmill is suitable for high tension insulator plants and table ware industries.

Vibrating Screen Rectangular Type

600 mm X 900 mm Vibrating Screen, type-rectangular. Made of fabricated base and Aluminium sieve fixing ring and guard. Motor. 1 H.P.

De-airing Pug Mill-PM 2

The production of PM 2 is 2500/3000 kg per hour of pugged blank. The maximun dia of pugged blank is 200 mm. A suitable vacumm pump is with the machine to get desired quality of clay blank. Steel casting / stainless steel casting augurs are used as per customers's specification. We are also making De-airing Pug mill Model PM 3. The production capcity of which is 250 Kg per hour. The Maximum diameter of pugged blank is 100 mm.

Vibrating Screen Round Type

18" Vibrating Sreen, round type base frame made of CI body and the sieve fixing ring and guard are made of Aluminium Motors is of 0.5 H.P.