Ball Mill

TBall Mill 2' dia. x 2' long
Model: BM/2F/BG
Total Volume: 173 liters
Operating Volume: 53 Liters. (After 60 mm lining)
Capacity : 38 kgs.
RPM of Mill : 40


We make blunger suitable for 200 liters to 20,000 liters capacity tank. Blungers are made with SS tank as per the picture. We are also making blunger's fabricated chassis housing fitted with shaft and impeller complete with driving arrangements suitable for concrete tank.

Screw Blunger

Description: GMAP Screw Blunger used for dissolving clay in water, also for mixing and stirring all types of ceramic slip and glazes, as well as mixing and stirring all other materials in paper, paints and chemical industries etc. Method of Operation: The High Speed BLUNGER having three blades (ship propeller type) immersed in the slip and continuosly circulates the contents of the octagonal vat in vertical direction. The V-shaped bottom of the octagonal vat assists the circulation whereby the materials in lump form are dissolved or mixed with the other constituents at high speed.


GMAP Screw Blunger main driving shaft is made out of EM8 steel and fitted with C. I. bearing housing and mounted on well ribbed fabricated M. S. frame constituting the blunger unit. The whole of the blunger unit can be mounted on the rim of the Vat. Normally, Vats are made from M. S. plastic coated or concrete construction.
BLUNGER SHAFT is connected by means of flanged coupling to main driving shaft. Specifications of our standard products are given below. Large

Insulator Glazing Machine

This machine is designed to dip insulator in the Glaze bath automatically. The machine consists of 16 to 25 nos dipping arms rotating with the rotation of the housing shaft. The driving arrangement of the machine are one hp motor and one compound gear box suitable for getting 6 rpm to the housing shaft. Production of this machine is 500 to 700 nos of insulators per hour.